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We offer a warm, nurturing, and safe environment that meets the needs of our children. Providing everyday life learning experiences in a positive atmosphere where love and respect are emphasized. Children are given the opportunity to learn through planned activities and develop cognitive, social, language, fine and gross motor skills. Adler Schools offers a bilingual, structured program in a family orientated setting that respects culture and diversity.


                  Our Staff 

Our success as childcare providers depends significantly on the caring and dedication of our staff.  Their hard work, motivation, and positive attitude are essential in providing a safe, loving, and nurturing environment for our children to grow and learn.

The Founders

Adler Schools was established in 1966 serving the Lincoln Square Community in the Chicago land area;

now expanding it’s childcare services to the Naperville area.

Sandra Figueroa

Through out years of experience working in the field of social services and the child care industry, I’ve learned to understand the life time impact the early learning years has on a child. Children cannot reach their highest potential with out the emotional support needed to develop a positive self-esteem and independency.  Therefore Adler Schools mission is to support family involvement, emotional support, learning through activities in a fun interactive bilingual program, with the firm belief that each child has a unique self discovery learning process.

Rudy Figueroa

My teaching experience has led me to understand the importance of family involvement in a child’s education, working hand in hand with parent and student is essential for a child’s academic success. Today as a founder of Adler Schools, I have the passion to promote and enjoy a family orientated program that impacts children learning experience, providing them with the fundamental tools in preparation and self esteem to becoming academically


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