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From 6 weeks to 12 years old


3:00 p.m - 4:00 a.m.

Monday to Saturday

Ages:6 weeks to 15 months

Class Description

Introducing infants to the Spanish language naturally with songs, stories, and puppet shows in daily activities.

Ages: 15 months to 36 months

Class Description

Exposing our toddlers and twos to the Spanish language with daily activities like, free play, songs, and stories will emerge their social emotional, cognitive, language acquisition skills. Meals are served family style therefore we incorporated snack time to enhance social and language acquisition skills.          


4 CLASSES / $345               8 CLASSES / $690

12 CLASSES / $1135         16 CLASSES / $1380

20 CLASSES / $1725

Ages: 3 to 5 years old

Class Description

Pre-School children are eager to learn, taking advantage of this we incorporated the Spanish language naturally with music, songs, literature, games, group, and free play activities.  Exposure to a second language is key in the learning process, communication will enhance with fun daily interactions in Spanish.

 Ages: 6 to 12 years old

Class Description

With a positive approach to learning Spanish activities are prepared for school age children with to enhance their language acquisition skills with literature, writing, conversations, games, group and individual projects.


4 CLASSES / $300               8 CLASSES / $600

12 CLASSES / $900           16 CLASSES / $1200

20 CLASSES / $1500

Developmental Domains and Objectives


  • Establishes and sustains positive relationships

  • Cooperatively and constructively participates in group situations


  • Regulating emotions and behaviors

  • Establishes and sustains positive relationships

  • Cooperatively and constructively participating in group situations


  • Demonstration of fine-motor strength and coordination by using fingers and hands, using writing and drawing tools


  • Usage of appropriate conversational and other communication skills


  • Comprehension and responsive to books and other text


  • Using number concepts and operation

  • Exploring and describing spatial relationships

  • Comparing and measuring

  • Pattern knowledge

Science and Technology:

  • Using scientific inquiry skills

  • Knowledge of living things characteristics

  • Knowledge of physical properties of objects and materials

  • Knowledge of Earth Environment

  • Usage of tools to perform tasks

Social Studies:

  • Knowledge about self

  • Basic understanding of people and how they live

  • Exploration of change related to familiar people or places

  • Knowledge of simple geographic

Language Acquisition:

  • Demonstrates Spanish language comprehension

  • Demonstrates progress in speaking Spanish

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