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Dance & Fitness

Dance & Fitness

From 6 weeks to 12 years old


11:00 a.m - 12:00 a.m.

Monday to Saturday

Ages:6 weeks to 15 months

Class Description

A joyful dance and fitness class designed for infant/toddlers to explore movement through songs, beats, stories, group activities supporting physical, cognitive, and social skills. Supporting gross and fine motor development with older infants as they discover how their body works and become new walkers. 

Ages: 15 months to 36 months

Class Description

An active dance and fitness class with planned activities for toddlers and two’s that promotes movement, social, and cognitive skills.             


4 CLASSES / $345               8 CLASSES / $690

12 CLASSES / $1135         16 CLASSES / $1380

20 CLASSES / $1725

Ages: 3 to 5 years old

Class Description

In a vibrant environment children will enjoy different music rhythms and beats to dance. Pre-School children will learn basic latin music and hip hop dance steps. The class will maintain children physically active as well as enhancing cognitive language and social emotional skills. 

 Ages: 6 to 12 years old

Class Description

A high energy class with latin music, hip-hop, zumba will have school-age children moving and having fun. This dance and fitness class was designed for school age to have fun as they enhance physical, cognitive, social emotional skills. Children will explore science through reading, nature observations, and toys. Math is incorporated as they do experiment measurements, color mixing, food experiences in the classroom.


4 CLASSES / $300               8 CLASSES / $600

12 CLASSES / $900           16 CLASSES / $1200

20 CLASSES / $1500

Developmental Domains and Objectives


  • Establishes and sustains positive relationships

  • Cooperatively and constructively participates in group situations


  • Regulating emotions and behaviors

  • Establishes and sustains positive relationships

  • Cooperatively and constructively participating in group situations


  • Demonstration of fine-motor strength and coordination by using fingers and hands, using writing and drawing tools


  • Usage of appropriate conversational and other communication skills


  • Comprehension and responsive to books and other text


  • Using number concepts and operation

  • Exploring and describing spatial relationships

  • Comparing and measuring

  • Pattern knowledge

Science and Technology:

  • Using scientific inquiry skills

  • Knowledge of living things characteristics

  • Knowledge of physical properties of objects and materials

  • Knowledge of Earth Environment

  • Usage of tools to perform tasks

Social Studies:

  • Knowledge about self

  • Basic understanding of people and how they live

  • Exploration of change related to familiar people or places

  • Knowledge of simple geographic

Language Acquisition:

  • Demonstrates Spanish language comprehension

  • Demonstrates progress in speaking Spanish

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