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We offer children a learning advantage with a designed bilingual program that incorporates the Spanish language naturally as they learn through daily activities.  Exposure to a second language is key in the learning process, communication will enhance with fun daily interactions in Spanish.
The Adler Schools Learning Through Activities Bilingual Curriculum has been developed and implemented for over 20 years with the bilingual enrichment program, designed for hands-on experiences to develop each child's creativity and uniqueness. Lesson plans are developed age appropriate providing an adequate teaching-learning experiences allowing children to reach developmental domains at there own unique learning process. 
The classroom are planned environments for young children to learn in a way that is age appropriate
Children are taught self help skills to encourage independence
The children are encourage to be responsibility
Young children learn best by using their senses and having first hand experiences
Daily schedules allows large blocks of time for children to fully benefit from activities in learning centers  
School Age Program

Drop-Off and  Pick up


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